Dental Implants

In today’s dentistry, it is the most applied treatment method to eliminate existing teeth or tooth deficiencies. It imitates the roots of natural teeth by replacing lost teeth and is an extremely successful treatment method. They are the most up-to-date approaches in many applications from a single missing tooth to the treatment of a total tooth deficiency.

With proper prosthesis and regular oral hygiene on the implants applied inside the jawbone, it can remain in the mouth for many years.
The number of dental implants that imitate tooth roots varies according to the condition of the existing jawbone, the amount of missing teeth and the existing jaw anatomy. After the implant application, the treatment is terminated by making the prostheses suitable for the treatment on the implant.

Fixed prostheses on dental implants are prosthetic approaches that are made on existing implants and cannot be attached or removed by the patient. It is applied by selecting the appropriate type on the implants according to the position and number of the implants.

Removable prostheses on dental implants are dental implant prostheses that are much more stable and comfortable than removable prostheses without implant support, which are applied with support from existing implants. The patient’s prosthesis and implants are made much more stable by connecting them with special spacers. It is much more comfortable and convenient to use than other removable prostheses made without implants.